January 2019
Thinking about and if I should register this.
Imagining working in health more deeply and what that might look like.
What would working at look like, or even

December 2018
Wondering what kind of designer I am after seeing this talk by Jason Mesut – Shaping Design, Designers and Teams

July – November 2018
Left the digital planet.

June 2018
Remember to ask, “Was there anything else I can help you with right now?” when helping others.
Back to St. Louis after and wonderful time relaxing in Maine.

June 2018
Reconnecting with design (learning from Jordan Lawrence)
Believing in design research (aka UX research & design with NN/g)
Wanting more knowledge about design + research + strategy
Reminded that I do not need to know too much…be humble
Thoughts about design: Atomic Design (creating modular systems)
Thinking about micro moments in our UX lives.

October 2017 – May 2018
Lost I think…searching for what is next in life
Keeping health in mind
Moving forward
Balancing family, work, and dreams of utopia

September 2017
Searching for more loving critics
We can’t do it alone…thank you Melissa Von Rohr
Keeping many ideas alive = one will be innovative
Thinking about Google and how they keep creative

August 2017
Building more stuff then purging to start over again
Collaborating, searching, learning over again
Reading “Design Basics” by Lauer and Pentak
Preparing for new students, beginning again
Holding rocks, feeling the earth, seeing trees again
Looking at the horizon, trying to look far and read the landscape
Spending time on the water, fishing, cooking, Southport Maine coastline
Road trips listening to Hamilton, Singing in the Rain…and dance party mix

July 2017
Older and wiser I hope
Learning about genomics and precision medicine
Time with family is so important!
Thinking more about health + design needs

June 2017
Trip to Grand Canyon, Sedona, Phoenix
Hot hot hot southwest
Boston conference Health + Design + Technology
PB&J Workshop on journey mapping

May 2017
Enjoying a cooler spring
End of academic year is very busy
Goodby and farewell to students

April 2017
April showers bring May flowers
Remembering to enjoy the rain

March 2017
Amazed by temperature swings
Hopeful for the future of design
Watching Contact movie with the kids
Smelling a damp spring approaching

February 2017
Lost in teaching
Exploring Florence Italy
Re-evaluating USA way of life
Loving food
Listening to nature

January 2017
Pursuing happiness always
Cherishing work colleagues
Giving back to family and friends
Reflecting on great experiences
Planning to teach a “Service Design” class this spring
Listening to NPR too much

December 2016
Hibernating in the spirit of rejuvenation

November 2016
Loving good food, family and friends!
Learning to plan again and again for constant change
Knowing my body is sacred and will care for me if I care for it
Balancing fear, optimism, rationality, and hope for the future
Believing in you, others, them, they…humanity
Wanting to help, but not knowing how
Designing for care

October 2016
Thinking about self efficacy, guided mastery and creative confidence from David Kelly and Albert Bandura
Amy Herman on what is leadership: “His or her ability to have vision, and to implement it and articulate it…need to involve everyone from the top all the way down.”
Going on long walks with my family
Believing in the power of people to do good things
Concerned about this countries future and the election
Inspired by talking to middle school kids about graphic design…they just get it so fast!
Admiring a friend and mentor named Douglas B. Dowd

September 2016
Struggling to balance three hats at work
Juggling many ideas
Amazed by politics
Understanding that I can only go camping so much
Treasuring my health
Becoming a better presenter
Listening to anger
Practicing breathing
Designing services

August 2016
Enjoying time with mom (Cathy Von Rohr)
Eating raspberries from our garden every day
Exploring Miami
Learning to wake up at 5:30am (McKinley middle school for I)
Starting a new academic year at Washington University in St. Louis
Treasuring bus drop off time with my boy

July 2016
Listening to The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin
Becoming an artist again and again
Embracing hope
Connecting with new audiences that love design
Exploring Google Design (amazing UI/UX examples)
Planning for SP17 class incoporating Transition Design

June 2016
Listening to Radio Free Leader and Liz Wiseman
Entering spaces I want to learn from
Stretching my abilities
Thinking I should write a book on the “value of visual literacy” building on Donis A. Dondis
“By placing data into a human context it gains meaning.” Jer Thorp

May 2016
Searching for renewal
Marveling at human ingenuity
Listening to the rain
Remembering past amazing students
Thinking about a vote poster
Making plans for the summer

April 2016
Working on making my life’s work public
Thinking about how to write about design
Figuring out how to use WordPress!
Loving taking pictures of my kids at the bus stop
Planting grass and garden