Since 2004 I have been fortunate to co-teach with amazing colleagues at the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis. These have included Ken Botnick and Sarah Birdsall for Typography I and II. When I first started teaching at WU I worked on the Digital Design class with John Hendrix, an amazing illustrator and drawing extraordinaire. I have also taught this class with former students Vidhya Nagarajan, Noah MacMillan, and Kate Oberg, all of which lead terrific illustration and design careers today. Others have included: Scott GerickeDan Zettwoch, Abram Siemsen, Ben Kaplan and Traci Moore, all great designers and leaders in St. Louis. I have also been blessed to work with other experts from the communication design team that include Douglas Dowd, Heather Corcoran, Frank Oros and Linda Solovic. All are amazing creatives with their own specialties that have taught me a great deal over the years. Observing colleagues work has been inspirational and working with them in the context of portfolio reviews and general operations of the program has been an amazing experience I am continually thankful for.

Most of all it has been the constant work of students that has been a driving inspirational force for me that keeps me connected to continually clarifying and articulating the value of design. The University has such talented students to begin with so their design and critical thinking around challenges we give them result in consistently strong work. A selection of classes and students works can be seen at this link.

Download PDF of student work

Above image of design by Colleen Conrado in a 2004 Typography class.